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In *Child Bait* News: It Looks Like Ashley Green & Joe Jonas Spit Up!!!! Time For Me To Slide In…

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Look y’all can sleep on that young tenderoni Joe but got damnit I will NOT!!!!  Now that he is single where can I accidentally run into him and give him a little sweet talk *in my Melo voice*.

whoooo lawd *fanning myself*… let me tell you tweenyboppers something… just like I almost broke down and fought one of y’all for Jacob Black from Twilight don’t sit back and think it won’t happen for some Joe!!!  Ashley Green wasn’t good for him anyway!! I didn’t trust her!


Is It OK To Go Back????

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard by now that Tiger Wood’s wife went back to him (PIMP WOODS BABY PIMP WOODS CAN I GET A HAND CLAP!)…..

Now my question is: how many of you ladies would have went back!!!! NOW I CAN’T LIE! Tiger a rich azz nicca so a b*tch like me would have ran back or never left! AAAAYYYYYYEEEEE! you got damn right I ain’t shit!!!!!!

However, I’ve noticed married women turning their heads while they husbands are out there cheating and they just brush it off like its nothing!!!!!! I guess that song “you may have had him once but I got him all the time” is real talk!!!! but honestly why would u stay with a man that breaks y’all vows!!! what makes you think at the end of the day after all that cheating he respect ya ass!!!! and lets be for real what really really makes you stay!!!!! Now I can’t front I’ve gotten my tires slashed, dents in my car, b*tches calling my phone and I didn’t leave, you know why – cuz he gave me a place to smoke and sh*t at the same time!!!!!! to me that’s priceless!!!! I KNOW I KNOW I AIN’T SH*T! LMFAOOOOOOOO

at the end of the day ladies just know ya worth!!!!! and don’t’ have any dude making u feel like your worthless… cuz at the end of the day when they cheat we get HALF!!!!!!


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