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In *I Can’t Be Weave It* News: Store Owner Shot & Killed Over 6 Bags Of Hair! *blank Stare*

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I tell you boy this recession is NO JOKE….no matter how broke a b*tch is she gonna make sure she is gonna do whatever she has to keep that weave tight.   SMFH! I blame that Chris Rock documentary “Good Hair” on this crime!  He got b*tches out here trying to rob and kill for those $1000 weaves LMFAO! The weave game is worst than the drug game LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Lawd baby jesus take me away!

“The owner of Sunrise Beauty Supply was shot and killed during an apparent robbery late Tuesday morning.  A witness who saw the aftermath from inside a nearby shoe store told police the suspect ran out of Sunrise carrying six bags of hair.

That witness told FOX 2 the suspect, a teenage or twenty something black male in sweat pants, a coat and do-rag, jumped in a four-door, silver Focus being driven by a black female.  They both then sped away.”   source

Now this is just some sad sh*t right here some b*tch probably hit up her man to get her hair done and he was like “h*e these times are hard if you my ride or die b*tch you gonna rob this hair supply store with me to make sure your hair get done”…I can see it now the female was probably like “yo make sure you get that remy hair” LMFAO!

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