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Bloggin’ Wit Beauty Wishes Everyone….

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

A Happy and Healthy New Year!!! 

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World AIDS Day 2010…

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Today is National World AIDS Day so get out and get tested and be aware of what is going on.  Its time to learn more about it and look into ways we can try to prevent it…. In the words of Lil Wayne “Stay Strapped” because this virus is spreading like a wildfire.   


November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

I don’t celebrate thanksgiving day I’m pretty much thankful everyday i’m above ground.  So Happy Turkey Day eat until you get sick its only right!

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You Know What Grinds My Gears…The KiK Edition!

November 4, 2010 1 comment

This post is dedicated to my good friend Sandrine!!!

So sometime last week I downloaded the pmessenger to my iPhone it’s an awesome messenger service for iPhone and itouch! You can customize it and do all kind of cool things…HOWEVER! While on twitter I kept seeing tweets about #kik this and #kik that so I said to myself Beauty not many people have iPhones so just download kik and see what’s all the hype about!!!

*blankstare* I had to ask myself if the app was finished??? First off I can’t add no picture what kind of shat is that! I can’t lie I hit the floor when Sandrine hit me up and asked if it was a prototype!!!! Next, the shat adds friends out of nowhere. This dude from Cali that I had on the shake n bake list was on my kik list smfh had to delete asap! What they need to do is add a damn block feature since they wanna be ignorant and add everyone and their momma!!! Oh yes let’s not forget how it crashes while your right in the middle of a conversation. Numerous amount of times I’ve caught myself looking at my phone with the what the f*ck just happened face!!! Smfh! And it also has a slight delay with the messages sometimes, Neqs (the bff If u didn’t know) would send a message and I wouldn’t get it until like 20 minutes later WTF is that about!!!

I can’t lie I deleted the crap because it was just down right horrible but Neqs has a blackberry and we need kik for our everyday television sh*t talking so I had to breakdown and get it again! Now don’t get me wrong it’s not bad I give it a 4 (ok it’s slightly bad) but I feel like if all they need to do is just upgrade the shat! Damn at least add a pic feature so I can see who I’m talking too!!

GEESH!! I hope y’all mofo’s were this hyped to vote like you were about this non-finished messenger service!!! As soon as Neqs get pmessenger I’m deleting this kik foolishness!!!

If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time…

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

YES!! I have this R. Kelly song on full repeat at the moment… I was writing in my journal the other night and I was complaining about a lot of decisions that I made in life so I stopped writing and asked myself: “if you had the chance to go back in time to fix something but it can only be ONE thing what would it be”.

Now I had to ask myself that question because usually when I’m down and something doesn’t go as planned for me the first thing out of my mouth is OMG why can’t I rewind and do this crap over! Smfh! So I sat down and pondered what is the one thing I would changed… Should I have never ran track, should I have changed the company I kept or better yet should I have just listen to my mother Lmaooo! It’s funny but it’s so true!!! Anywho the one and only thing I would change about my pass is the year my great grandmother died I feel like my life has been a roller-coaster ever since that year!

Sadly, we can’t change the past or wonder what our future would be if our past was different…however I’ve learn one value lesson don’t regret what you did in the past if it didn’t kill you it somehow made you stronger so learn to live it!!! But if u had the chance to change one thing what would it be!!

If I Could Be Anything For A Day…

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

The other day a commercial for Sam Adams beer (man I’m not too sure that’s the beer but hey) came on and at the end of the commercial the founder of the beer said “when your doing something you love you’re not working and I felt like I haven’t worked in the last 20 years”… That quote had me thinking *scratching chin* if there was anything in this world that I could do and be happy and successful what would it be.

Now don’t get me wrong for my age I have a pretty great career going. Shat, I’m not a doctor or anything I just work in advertising sales as a campaign manager and it’s cool but the corporate world and I are…let’s just say I like to wear sweats everywhere LMAO. I also have my little business on the side where I do my consulting and blogging but I still feel like I’m not doing what I love (wait I loveeeeeee blogging and politicking and bullsh*ting with you guys it’s what we do best – I was referring to the other stuff lmao).

So I thought about it, If there was anything I could do I would be race car driver. Yes, yes laugh if you want to but that’s the real deal. I would love to wake up every morning and wipe down my pink race car ( team BMW of course) and hit the track *sigh*. There’s a race car driver by the name of Nicole Lyons she is THEE lady of drag racing I would love love love to go on a run with her…

Oh well let me go hit the sack I’m felling saucy *wink*…

System Optimizer – My PC Protector

August 23, 2010 Leave a comment

OK I swear I have like the worst computer in the world – OK OK let me retract my statement… I actually tore up my computer and got tired of it.  It kept freezing when I was in the middle of posting,  it would slow down like I was listening to music or watching a video and it would take FOREVER AND TWO CENTURIES to start-up! I mean to the point I would turn my computer on go take a shower and come back and it would still be booting up *blank stare*.   As we all know my mother is the world’s greatest computer technical person and I usually go harass her to fix my computer when its acting shady.    However, those drives to Long Island can be very rough on the body.    So, to avoid driving to Long Island when it’s not time to do laundry I decided to look for product that would protect my computer from ME when I’m acting the fool downloading everything in sight.

I got this software called System Optimizer – now at first I thought it was cute because a big job responsibility of mine is to optimize campaigns.  So I was like awww does this system sort of work like myself LMFAO! but I’m not doing any protecting at work so I had to check out what it was really about.   Some of the features include:

Automatically identifies and repairs common Windows problems

Finds and deletes duplicate files – regain valuable hard disk space
Removes invalid registry entries increasing system performance
Eliminates system crashes, freezes and slowdowns
Improves PC boot up and response time
Cleans over 50 different types of junk files
Cleans your Internet History and other personal traces
For More Information Click Here.
*stop…you had me at hello* – in my Renée Zellweger voice from Jerry McGuire the Movie… But that was how I honestly felt when I read the feature list.  I was like wait it improves the speed of my boot up time and gets rid of the freezing… I’ll take 7 please….I’m seriously thinking about getting one of these for my Grandma’s computer her’s moves slower than molasses and only baby jesus knows what she may have on it.
I  must say since I’ve downloaded the System Optimizer and had my system analyzed and cleaned I must stay the boot up time has improved.   Now when I boot up I can actually sit in-front of my computer and wait for it to load up and not lose my mind at the same time.   I also had a lot of  BS files removed that I no longer used but where sitting on my computer soaking up space.    I must say this was a smart move on my behave and now I can feel more comfortable knowing my computer is being protected and cleaned because I was just killing my poor computer softly.
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