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In *This Recessions Is No Damn Joke* News: Atlanta Woman Arrested For Bank Robbery.

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

CTFU!  Ok I see someone took the movie “Set It Off” a little bit too serious!!!  Damn is sh*t really that hard in the ATL where we got these heffas out here robbing banks… I guess it’s not like the old days any more where women can do something strange for a little bit of change LMFAOOOO!!!  Now from what I know this woman Chantel Calloway was some so-called big time promoter/event planner or whatever groupies call their self now a days in Atlanta.  If your such a big time promoter or what ever the hell you are I’m sure you know a few ballers and could have hit one of them off for a couple of dollars.  

“A 30-year-old woman who robbed a Dunwoody bank was arrested moments after the robbery Friday, police said

The suspect, Chantel Calloway of Chamblee, entered Regions Bank on Mt. Vernon Road at 11:30 a.m. and handed the teller a note demanding cash, police said. She was wearing a baseball hat and a wig, police said.

After leaving the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash, Calloway was spotted by an officer responding to the scene, police said. He detained Calloway, who no longer had the hat or wig, and took her back to the bank where a teller identified her, police said.” source

Damn shame you would think the heffa would have at least spend money and get a better disguise…LMFAO!  Its sad the lengths people go through just to fake jacks like they are living the good life.  I’m still here cracking up at the hat and wig like that was really going to do something!  She better get like 10 years in jail just because her disguise was stupid!


Got Damnit They Got My Boy Wes!!!

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

*SIGH* it was but for only so long he could shake and bake the IRS!!!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … do not F*CK with the alphabet boys they will sell their soul to the devil in order to make sure you get jail time.  Ever since he has been convicted in 2008 on these tax charges he has been appealing that motherf*cker like crazy to avoid going to the slammer!  SMFH! Looks like the  U.S district court judge got tired of Snipes bullsh*t (he definitely wasn’t a fan of Money Train, New Jack City or Blade ) and put his foot down and ordered Snipes to turn himself in ASAP!  Damn my boy can’t even make a booty call quick fast before he goes in to the feds….GEESH!

Anywho, according to TMZ, Snipes has been taking into federal custody and is currently in route to federal prison to begin his 3 year sentence.  SMFH! Dezamn T.I got less than that for some guns…I told y’all the IRS don’t play!!! You people better give them their money….that’s right THEIR money… put THE and IRS together and what do you get….EXACTLY… play if y’all want too!!

*In Blank Stare News* U.S Judge Faces Drug Charges….

October 5, 2010 Leave a comment

source: Associated Press

Fack a job huh *in my DMX voice*…. I’m sitting here in utter amazement!  I feel like since the recession it is becoming the norm for people to risk their jobs/careers and to do the worst possible sh*t ever.   Now, you would think in this day and age people would be out here doing WHATEVER they can to keep their job… BUT, clearly that is not the case.   Sometimes I have to ask myself what is it that would make someone with a great career risk it all just for a little side cash (or just cash in general).   The below story was just a bit too much for my blood pressure this morning:

“A longtime federal judge in Georgia was charged Monday with buying cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs from a stripper with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

The judge, Jack T. Camp Jr., 67, of United States District Court, was arrested Friday in an Atlanta suburb and later charged with possession of two illegal guns and with using illegal drugs, including narcotics, on multiple occasions, according to an F.B.I. affidavit released Monday.

Judge Camp, who has served on the Northern District of Georgia bench since his appointment by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, was released on $50,000 bond. His lawyer, Bill Morrison, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that his client would plead not guilty and that the matter was private and did not affect his role as a judge.

“It’s not about Judge Camp being a judge. It is about Judge Camp being a husband and whether he has fulfilled those duties,” Mr. Morrison said. “It is a case about judgment.”

The F.B.I. says that Judge Camp bought drugs from an unnamed stripper in Atlanta, who was also an F.B.I. informer. He was reportedly videotaped Friday buying powders and pills that he believed to be illegal drugs from an undercover agent.”  source

CTFU @ this side h*e setting him up!!!! Got damnit haven’t you people learned anything from Tiger Woods…SHAT! LIke my man Snoop said “don’t trust these h*es”…But all jokes aside I should have known he was a shady individual just look at the president that appointed him into office *enough said*.

I think the best line of all was when the judge’s lawyer said “It’s not about Judge Camp being a judge…”… SO UMMMM WHAT THE FACK IS IT ABOUT…we got key decision makers of the law doing drugs with hookers while carrying guns….. LMFAO… yet he probably put someone away for life for doing the same exact thing…

I blame Tiger Woods and Magic City!

*In Blank Stare News* Mayor of Texas Killers Daughter Then Commits Sucide…

September 20, 2010 1 comment

JUST FACK IT HUH!!! I can tell you one thing got damnit…people have NO value for life anymore.   I find that funny because I was watching Gangland over the weekend and I heard a banger (gang banger) say “if I don’t value my life why should I value yours”… and let me tell you that banger’s statement was the FIRST thing to come to my mind this morning when I read this crap in the news:

“Mayor Jayne Peters of Coppell, Texas, apparently shot and killed her 19-year-old daughter in the back of the head nearly a day before killing herself, according to documents released by police Thursday.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the shooting deaths a murder-suicide in late July, but Coppell police said they were still unable to determine why 55-year-old Jayne Peters killed herself and daughter Corinne Peters.

Reports recently surfaced that the mayor was in serious financial trouble and authorities believe she was still mourning the death of her husband, who died of cancer two years ago.

“We can’t pin down a motive. Only she will ever know,” city spokeswoman Sharon Logan said.

According to police, Corinne Peters was seen for the last time on July 12 around 6 a.m. loading items into her car. About 30 minutes later, the mayor was seen unloading the items, police said. Police are led to believe that sometime in that 30-minute time frame, Jayne Peters shot her daughter in the laundry room.

The bodies of the mayor and her daughter were found by police at their home after the usually prompt mayor failed to appear at a regularly scheduled city council meeting, said CBS affiliate KTVT.

Authorities have found it difficult to establish the exact time of death for the mayor but determined that she killed herself late that evening or in the early morning hours of July 13. Officials say she had taken a pillow, blanket and book about coping with suicide into the upstairs bathroom where she killed herself. Photos of her husband and daughter were inserted in the book.

The mayor left several notes for investigators; one requested there be no funeral or memorial services.”  source

It kills me how the people “can’t pin down the motive” when it comes to certain people… Let Beauty tell you guys what happened…sadly the mayor’s husband died however she was trying to ball out of control like money wasn’t a thing *JD voice* and she got caught out there.    Before the city got wind of what was going on the Mayor panicked and said “eff’ this I’m not going to jail for no body” and since her daughter knew what was going down she had to die…plan and simple… the recession came and got these niccas… Yo for real can “recession” be used as a murder weapon because so many done killed they self over this bullsh*t it doesn’t make any sense.   Dezamn I hate to be a beast (who am I kidding no I don’t) but didn’t her husband leave her some kind of insurance money or something when he died…smfh!

What’s really facked up is the letter below that was left by the mayor:

“A typed note found in the kitchen read: “My sweet, sweet Corinne had grown completely inconsolable. She had learned to hide her feelings from her friends. But the two of us were lost, alone and afraid. Corinne just kept on asking, ‘Why won’t God let me die?’ We hadn’t slept at all and neither one of us could stop crying when we were together.”

I really really hope this heffa did NOT take the life of her child because she could not pay some bills! I have every right to dig this lady up and smack the shat out of her.  What happened to the days when people asked for help! GEEZ!

DEZAM President Obama *Kanye shrug*

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

So when it comes down to political views you guys should know my motto ” I don’t believe in the Democratic party and I don’t believe in the Republican party…I just like to party”.    With that being said I was never really the one to go crazy over the Obama movement for the simple fact that hey I just feel like the Presidents of the United States are just puppets for the people behind the curtains with the power *looking around room to make sure nothing is bugged*.    I honestly don’t think Obama can get us out of this recession (ducking shoes and tomatoes) were just in too deep of a hole and there isn’t enjoy years in his presidential term to get it done.   I’m not trying to down play him in any way but *kanye shrug followed by deep sigh* our economy was facked up the day that federal reserve bank was formed (y’all did NOT hear that from me…TUH).   Trust me there are many many others who share my view on this, read below:

“In case anyone is still wondering, President Obama cannot save the economy.  No other president has, and none will.  The best he can do is buy time and create the environment in which solid, profitable businesses—especially small ones—can thrive.

Besides, we can’t rely on big government to protect us greatly.  It is far too influenced by big business.  Past government insiders like Brooksley Born, formerly a federal regulator serving as Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, recognized the unhealthy threat of Wall Street lobbyists more than a decade ago:  She warned as early as 1998 of an economic meltdown.

Born testified before Congress that without real regulatory changes and stronger financial constraints, derivatives—the financial products that primarily resulted in the 2008 credit crisis and recession—would destroy the money of the American public.  By design of those who were against her—those influenced by big business—Born’s informed and wise advice fell on deaf ears.   In 1998, she was vilified, discredited and dismissed.  Unfortunately, in 2008, she was vindicated when the economy tanked.

Despite what we’ve been through, and much to my dismay, the financial industry and big banks continue to get off easy and the government still doesn’t get it.  Just a few days ago, on August 10, the FDIC decided that it would eliminate credit ratings for banks and is looking, it says, for an alternative to credit ratings for banks because it wants to make sure financial institutions are properly vetted for bad assets.  That’s akin to saying that because some people “fix” their credit, we can no longer rely on credit scores, so we’ll just eliminate them all together.  I’m sure there will be no elimination of credit ratings for everyday folk.  But that’s the way this cookie crumbles.”   source

Is there a country out there with a stable economy that I can move too because got dezamn this is ridiculous.  It looks like the best way to go is to invest in small businesses or start your own business because geez this just disrespectful.  I really hope at some point the government wakes up and tries to find a way (like they don’t already know) to fix this f*ucked up economy were in now.    I feel like I can’t even wish to win the lotto because if  I win will the state have money to pay me LMFAO! Naw I heard the lotto people be on point…

DEZAMN! You Can’t Even Blame The Recession Anymore!!!!

August 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Now I know times are hard and some people may not know when they may get their next anything (job, food, clothes, medicine)…But, I swear since this recession hit I’ve been reading articles like this every other weekend and it just doesn’t make sense.   According to the Daily News another person couldn’t take the depression from losing their job so they  decided to take it out on their family and their self:

“A deranged, out-of-work chiropractor stabbed his live-in girlfriend and their two toddlers in their necks last night before fatally slashing his own throat, cops said.

“All we heard was a man yelling, ‘I’m not doing this anymore! I’m tired of doing this all the time!’ ” said Daniel Perugini, 21, who was walking by the Midland Beach home around 7:30 p.m.

Cops soon arrived at the three-story home and found Victoria Orlik, 34, and her son, Brandon, 18 months, bleeding profusely.

Orlik said her boyfriend, Douglas Nemeth, had knifed them and was still inside the Hempstead Avenue house with their 3-year-old daughter, Sasha, sources said.

After several frantic attempts to speak to Nemeth, 40, cops broke down the front door and found him on the kitchen floor and Sasha in a bedroom.

“They first brought out the little girl, who looked like she wasn’t doing very well,” said neighbor Mary Jongoy.

“They then brought out the husband on the stretcher and he looked like he was dead.”

Perugini said, “They were pumping his chest trying to revive him.”

All four were rushed to Staten Island University North Hospital, where Nemeth died.”

The f*cked up thing ok ok we are out here losing jobs left and right…sh*t I personal know what it feels like to go from getting a $1800 check to getting absolutely  nothing.  However, ok ok I’m lying there was a few times I wanted to go play in traffic because I lost my job and didn’t know how I could live but I had to sit and think and watch Married With Children for me to realize that there are people who are worst off than I am and they are still making it.  Another thing that kills me is why do these people feel they need to kill their family…JUST KILL YOURSELF! GEEZ! I mean come on its not all their fault you can’t find a job so why are you taking it out on them!

I tell ya you never know how selfish or weak a person is until they are faced with a stressful situation they cannot get out of!!!  Now , if homie knew better he would have sat his girlfriend down and said look boo I’m going to need you to get that c**chie tight and get on that stroll because we got these bills to pay… can you dig it? and if she said No….then you IKE TURNER THAT BITACHHHHH!!!

I’ll Take An Order Of Fries And A Side Of Chronic!!!!

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

I tell ya boy I blame two things: 1. the recession and 2. Tiger Wood’s wife….Sometimes I like to sit back and watch how creative these drug dealers can get but somehow they always get caught.   Now, of course there are numerous amounts of ways to hide, sell and transport your drugs but I honestly find this story too hilarious.   I knew the south like to get they hustle on but when I read about the restaurant owner who got caught selling drugs out of his restaurant I had to hit the floor with laughter *yeah I’m going to hell I already know and have a/c waiting for me*.

“According to published reports, Fred Willis Jr., owner of Big Daddy’s, used his restaurant as a front to distribute cocaine, crack and marijuana to communities in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Texas.

In a federal indictment, agents said Wills, along with his wife and a third suspect, sold cocaine, crack and marijuana, many times serving the drugs up in white Styrofoam take-out food containers.

To throw authorities off of the operation, police state that Wills had customers use various dietary code words in replacement of the requested narcotics. Police state that the seemingly obvious word “food” was actually a word that clients used for cocaine.”


Dying of laughter at the following key points:

  • he named his restaurant Big Daddy – got damnit its funny to me don’t care what you guys think
  • they were serving the drugs in Styrofoam take-out food containers – how big were these damn containers and I mean was the drugs hidden under the food I’m confused! LMFAO! I’m thinking they are giving out those big azz containers with like 3 or 4 sections and one section has your crack and the other has your meatloaf (I’m telling you guys right now I know they made a killing because a crackhead would be in heaven getting their food and drugs all in one shot)
  • DEAD AND MAN DOWN at the dietary codes for the drugs… y’all think they on to me because I use the word corn all the time LMFAO!

SHIEEEEEEET *in my uncle Lindsay voice* and to top it off they pulled in about $9 million *side-eye i went to college for WHAT again?* – I bet y’all he was flossing up and down the streets blowing money mad fast (in my Rick Ross voice) and the IRS caught wind of his azz and that’s why he is in trouble…

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