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BEWARE Of Women Who Do NOT Swallow…They Are The Devil & Will Sue You For Child Support!!!!

March 23, 2011 1 comment

Now as a firm believer of the “SPITTERS ARE QUITTERS”  movement I’ve always felt that Monica Lewinsky should have done some jail time for that BULLSHAT she pulled on my boy Clinton.    BUT, hey who am I to judge, however because she got away with doing that foolishness now we have women thinking its acceptable to play around with semen.  Look men if a woman is blowing you and you bust in her mouth you look her dead in the eye and make sure she swallows…if she can’t you walk her azz to the bathroom and watch her spit that sh*t in the toilet!  Women let’s be real if you can swallow phlegm, buckleys (cough syrup), patron, etc you can swallow some damn semen so cut the BS out already!   Anywho, it looks like this woman Dr. Sharon Irons tried to take the shine from Monica Lewinsky…apparently this woman had oral sex with a man and instead of being a trooper and swallowing she found a way to impregnate herself with it!!!!  Details below:

“So, a man sued his ex-girlfriend for fraud and emotional distress after she secured a court order demanding he pay child support for their two year-old daughter. The reason? This woman saved his semen after performing oral sex and secretly impregnated herself. No, this is not a new plotline of absurd television show One Tree Hill but actual events that formed the basis of a 2005 legal battle in Illinois.

Although this case is six years old and garnered some media attention at the time, we recently came across it on Professor Jonathan Turley’s blog and couldn’t resist an opportunity to discuss it.

But before we get to the legal issues presented in this case, namely how a man can be ordered to support a child when his sperm was used without his knowledge, the soap opera-esque facts surrounding this situation deserve to be explained in greater detail.  Trust us.

It all began when Dr. Sharon Irons (an internist) and Dr. Richard Phillips (a family practitioner) began dating in January 1999. Dr. Irons led Dr. Phillips to believe she was divorced and within a few months, they became engaged. According to Dr. Phillips, the two discussed the possibility of having children and he made clear his intentions: that he did not want children until after they were married and any pre-marital sex would require the use of condoms. Throughout the course of their relationship, they engaged in only three instances of oral sex: they never went “all the way.”

On one of these intimate occasions, Dr. Irons did something rather remarkable: After fellating Dr. Phillips, she held his semen in her mouth (where it was suitable to sustain viability) and then inseminated herself with it. She did not inform Dr. Phillips of her actions.

Dr. Irons also never informed her boyfriend that she was, in fact, still married. Five months into their relationship, she confessed to Dr. Phillips that she was not divorced and he decided to end their relationship.

Fast-forward to November 2000, when, surprise! Dr. Irons slapped her surely stunned ex-boyfriend with court papers to establish paternity and child support for “their” daughter.

Extraordinary they are, indeed. And while Dr. Irons’ act of stashing semen away definitely made for attention-grabbing headlines, the media focused more on the sexy- slash-crazy angle and less on the actual law. We decided to explore the legal claims advanced by the parties and the reasoning behind Dr. Phillips seemingly unjust obligation to support a child whose existence was beyond the realm of expectation.

In his suit, Dr. Phillips alleged the unauthorized use of his semen constituted actionable claims of fraudulent misconception, conversion and intentional infliction of emotional distress. A lower court dismissed these grievances, and he appealed.

The Appellate Court of Illinois found that a fraudulent misconception claim was only available for “economic” wrongs, and so dismissed this claim. (Dr. Phillips was suing for physical and emotional harms he alleged that he’d suffered as a result of Dr. Irons’ actions).

The court next turned its attention to the conversion claim. Conversion is “an unauthorized act that deprives a person of his property permanently or for an indefinite period of time.” The arguments on both sides of the conversion claim are worth noting.

Dr. Phillips argued that his ex-fiancé took his property, his sperm, without his permission to conceive a child. Dr. Irons countered by asserting the sperm was a gift: Dr. Phillips delivered it to her with the intention that she keep it because if he really wanted to retain his semen, he would have put on a condom and “kept its contents”.

The court agreed with Dr. Irons: Dr. Phillips cannot claim he was deprived of his property because he did not intend that the semen be returned.”  source

*HARD BLANK STARE*… Y’all know damn well what my first and only question is going to be!!!! WHO IN BABY JESUS NAME DID SHE IMPREGNATE HERSELF!!! JUST HOW! The next thing I need to bring up is … since when is semen considered a got damn gift?  This woman had the nerve to tell the courts the sperm was a gift that was delivered to her with the intention to keep it, and if he didn’t want her to have it he should have kept it!!! *lawd baby jesus take me away*…this is some real shat right here! That is some funny shat can you imagine giving your man some buffers and then he busts in your mouth and says “Happy Birthday baby…I gave you the gift of sperm”…LMFAO that is some sh*t I would do….BUT look this isn’t about me! Lets get serious here though!! I think its sad what this woman did…how can you use sperm to impregnate yourself then have the nerve to press charges for child support.  I mean if you were woman enough to be deceitful and have the child by yourself then raise that sh*t by yourself.  But it looks like Dr. Richard Phillips tried to sue to stop the child support since Dr. Ions was shady about the entire conception…but sadly it looks like he doesn’t have a case!!

“The court stated that Dr. Irons’ conduct in deceitfully engaging in oral sex to procure the sperm necessary to impregnate herself would, according to any reasonable person, be considered “extreme and outrageous” conduct (Ed. Note: well, duh).  Considering the nature of Dr. Irons’ actions and Dr. Phillips’ clear expression of not wanting a child out-of-wedlock, the second element of IIED was met. For the actual distress, Dr. Phillips claimed a whole slew of anguish including nausea, loss of appetite, interference with his profession, insomnia and more, which was enough to keep the case alive.

The final decision or current status of the case is unavailable which means that the case is still being litigated or the parties settled.

Regardless, what confused us most about the case was that the child support obligation on behalf of Dr. Phillips was not contested. How could a father be forced to pay child support if the conception of the child was beyond (way, way beyond) a reasonable person’s expectation?  The court itself stated that the mother’s actions were “extreme and outrageous”, after all.

The answer? Public policy. In a note for the Drake University Law Review, A Man’s Right to Choose: Searching for Remedies in the Face of Unplanned Fatherhood, author Adrienne D. Gross explained the general policy in law of looking out for a child’s best interest in both child support and paternity statutes. Undisputedly, a child’s best interest is to have the financial support of both biological parents, regardless of their marital status, and according to Ms. Gross, “the child should not suffer from a parent’s indiscretion concerning the events leading to conception.”

Basically, if you father a child and the paternity is established, you are on the hook for child support payments. (A father can sue for IIED, if the mother’s actions in the conception meet the requisite level of crazy, but there is no guarantee he will win.)”  source

I feel bad for Dr. Phillips and feel like she should have been let off with this case…lets be for real it’s not like there were having sex and she lied about being on birth control or something … she buffed him off and then used the sperm to impregnate herself.  I mean if that isn’t fraud or something then got damnit I don’t know what it!!! Damn this poor man is gonna be traumatized and may  never want to get buffed off again…if I was him I would have planted some drugs in Dr. Iron’s home then called the cops on her azz!


*Post Of The Year*: Pastor Denied Communion To Church Members That Didn’t Give Up Tax Refund Checks For Collection!!!

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I said it over 10 million times church folks ain’t SH*T!  I wish I would walk into some got damn church and a pastor tells me I need to give up my refund check or I won’t be able to get communion…my azz would kick that holy water statue over and walk the hell out! These fools must have lost their got damn mind… and the sad part about this I bet some stupid azz member of the church gave up their damn check like a stupid idiot that they are!  I am sorry but I have always wondered why people give collection money and pay tithes or whatever the hell it is you church people do.  I mean let’s be real that money isn’t going to GOD is it, it’s going into the damn pastor’s pockets.   If you so-called god is so loving and all this crap why is he taking your money…I mean isn’t it enough the evil church people do not have to pay taxes and get a no parking sign in front of their stupid church.  There are pastors out here in big mansions and driving the best of cars while their members living in the projects or living with no light or water.  Anywho, let me stop and get into this damn story that had me cracking the hell up!

“Members of the small congregation at Houston Unity Baptist Church said when they refused to give the pastor their tax refunds; he refused to give them their Communion.

Some members of the church spoke with FOX 26 anonymously.   “He said for all those who are getting a tax refund, ‘How many are you are going to give it to the church’?” James said.

Pastor John Goodman said while he refused Communion, it wasn’t because his members didn’t donate their tax refunds to the church. It’s because they’ve failed to step up and do what’s needed to keep the church afloat.

“I asked if there were any other members, which I know it is, that got income tax money. I ask if they would like to contribute it over here to the new parking lot.”

When asked if he withheld Communion, Pastor Goodman said absolutely but it wasn’t because of the tax refund issue. He said it was because of internal issues in the church he refused to disclose. ”  source

LMFAO!  he going to hell with gasoline drawers on!!!! This is just TOO FUNNY!!! I liked how he tried to beat around the bush talking about he didn’t give the members communion because they failed to keep the church afloat!  Y’all know he use to be a pimp back in the days right! I can’t feel it!

New Underwear That Keeps Your Va-Jay-Jay Cool!!!! *side-eye*

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok so I’m not a big fan of underwear so I’m not sure I’ll be able to test this out for you…Second, why do you need your va-jay-jay to be cool?  Are these underwear for women with like STD’s or Yeast Infections.   Lets be for real if you want to keep your va-jay-jay cooler just do like me and wear nothing or better yet some crotchless panties…there is nothing like the fresh breeze!!  I don’t know man I just feel like there is something suspect about these underwear!

“Lady parts can sometimes be way complicated. I mean, doesn’t your vagina sometimes overheat? It’s not like your body naturally regulates its temperature or anything. But thankfully, Jockey has created cooling underwear, which soothes your burning firecrotch with state-of-the-art technology from NASA!. Says the company, “The Outlast® temperature regulating technology behind Jockey® staycool underwear helps your skin feel up to 3° cooler.” And we’re sure it really works. After all, it was initially developed by NASA scientists to “help balance temperature fluctuations in space.” Space! (Your vagina is just like space.)”  source

CTFU at them saying burning firecrotch *baby jesus take me away*…see I told y’all these panties are for women whose va-jay-jay is not working correctly! SMFH!  Instead of buying these damn panties just go to the damn doctor!

31 People Charged With Selling Drugs Out Of An Ice Cream Truck In Staten Island…

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

*hard blank stare* now I thought only Big Worm from the movie Friday did sh*t like this!  I can’t front I had to bust a hard azz laugh when I read this story!  I tell you people are coming up with all types of ways to get that money in this recession!  Can you imagine going up to an Ice Cream truck and asking for a firecracker icy and a quarter of that sweet cheba!  WAIT!  So how were they making money in the winter time LMFAO!  Damn shame but that’s probably how they got caught… people probably saw a line at the ice cream truck in the dead of winter and went over to see what was going on!!!

“A $1 million-a-year pill-pushing ring used a Lickety Split ice cream truck to dish out drugs on Staten Island, prosecutors said Thursday.  Thirty-one people were charged with helping to distribute 42,755 tablets of oxycodone pain tablets, the generic form of the opiate Oxycontin.

The ring bought the pills with the help of a crooked medical office manager for a Manhattan orthopedic surgeon, special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan said.  Nancy Wilkins, 40, of Brooklyn, is accused of providing the ring with blank prescription forms, which were then forged.

A network of runners — some addicts — filled the prescriptions in exchange for cash or drugs at nearly two dozen pharmacies, mostly mom-and-pop shops in Staten Island, authorities said.

The meds were sold to adults several ways – but most often for $20 a pill from an ice cream truck, prosecutors said.  The not-so-sweet scheme was the brainchild of Louis Scala, 29, of Staten Island, and Joseph Zaffuto, 39, authorities said.”  source

LMFAO!  The damn name Lickety Spit is shady no wonder why they got caught!!!

In *I Can’t Be Weave It* News: Store Owner Shot & Killed Over 6 Bags Of Hair! *blank Stare*

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I tell you boy this recession is NO JOKE….no matter how broke a b*tch is she gonna make sure she is gonna do whatever she has to keep that weave tight.   SMFH! I blame that Chris Rock documentary “Good Hair” on this crime!  He got b*tches out here trying to rob and kill for those $1000 weaves LMFAO! The weave game is worst than the drug game LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Lawd baby jesus take me away!

“The owner of Sunrise Beauty Supply was shot and killed during an apparent robbery late Tuesday morning.  A witness who saw the aftermath from inside a nearby shoe store told police the suspect ran out of Sunrise carrying six bags of hair.

That witness told FOX 2 the suspect, a teenage or twenty something black male in sweat pants, a coat and do-rag, jumped in a four-door, silver Focus being driven by a black female.  They both then sped away.”   source

Now this is just some sad sh*t right here some b*tch probably hit up her man to get her hair done and he was like “h*e these times are hard if you my ride or die b*tch you gonna rob this hair supply store with me to make sure your hair get done”…I can see it now the female was probably like “yo make sure you get that remy hair” LMFAO!

In *Blank Stare* News: Pastor Is Arrested For Attempted Murder Of Another Pastor!!!

March 4, 2011 1 comment

And y’all wonder why I say church/religious folks are the DEVIL!  I swear these people are the biggest hypocrites to walk the face of this earth!  I swear you can’t help but laugh at these people who like to recite words from a book they have NO understanding of…Church/religious people are like con-artists to me! LMFAO!  Anywho, this is neither here nor there, apparently a pastor out of New Jersey must have been told by “god” that this other pastor was throwing shade on him and he would have to kill her if he wanted to make sure he would get accepted into the kingdom of heaven LMFAO (y’all like how I worded that huh)…

“A pastor left another pastor lying in a pool of blood after stabbing her in the face and body in what police say was an unprovoked attack.

Reverend Edward Fairley was arrested for the attempted murder of Reverend Simone Shields after he was spotted staggering through the streets soaked in blood and carrying a knife on Tuesday morning.

The pair from Paterson, New Jersey, worked together and were believed to be in a relationship, according to authorities.

It is alleged that Fairley, 59, stormed into the home of a friend of Rev Shields, 52, who was styling the pastor’s hair.  According to an associate, Fairley had called ahead to make sure Rev Shields was there as he ‘wanted to return some personal papers’.

But when he arrived he pulled a knife from his pocket and started repeatedly stabbing Rev Shields in the face and body, leaving her to die on the kitchen floor.  A witness added: ‘After he finished, he walked out calm as ever and starting walking up the street.’

Fairley was arrested for attempted murder and is in Paterson police custody after calmly leaving the property, covered in blood and still brandishing the knife.

 Rev. Simone Shields is in a critical condition in hospital. She knew Rev Fairley, having worked together  Church leaders were stunned by the attack, calling Fairley a good man and a ‘pillar’ in the community.

In 1983 the then Baptist minister was indicted on charges of breaking into his estranged wife’s apartment and stabbing her, according to a report at the time.”  source

So churches don’t like conduct background checks on pastors/preachers/deacons etc… because if you look at the picture on the top of the post homie looks crazy as HELL!  LMFAO!  I’m telling you guys right now that woman was pregnant and homie wasn’t trying to pay child support!  You know its sad when kids of today look up to rappers, drug dealers, video vixens…but I mean let’s be for real that can’t look up to these so-called leaders of the community…FOR EXAMPLE CRAZY AZZ PASTORS!

Churchgoing Man Knocks Woman Into Coma Over Parking Spot *hard blank stare*

March 4, 2011 1 comment

I guess the days of poking the tires are long gone…I will be the first to admit when I’m driving around looking for parking and someone takes my spot I want to jump out my car and rip off their face!  But after seeing Beyond Scared Straight I’m afraid to go to jail and run into Diabla.  Anywho, this seems a bit out of control…road rage is definitely getting out of hand in NYC, I blame the high azz gas prices though!  I remember one day driving on the FDR and this cab driver ran into the back of this other car and the guy driving the other car got out his car and smashed the cabbie’s window with his club, from there I decided road rage just wasn’t worth my life.  Sadly, it looks like a young woman’s life too a turn for the worst all over a stupid parking spot:

“She was only trying to save a parking spot — and now doctors are trying to save her life.  A petite young Bronx woman was pummeled into a coma by a thug who was furious that she was holding a parking space in the East Village, The Post has learned.

“She’s 25 years old. Her life was just starting, and it might be over,” said the woman’s mother, Angie.  “You have no idea how horrible this is and the senselessness that it was over a parking spot.”

Lana Rosas was holding the spot for her boyfriend between two parked cars outside 520 E. 14th St. at 11:40 p.m. last Friday when Oscar Fuller drove up in a silver minivan.

Fuller — whose prior busts include weapons possession and felony assault — jumped out and started screaming at Rosas when she claimed she was holding the space, police sources said.  Fuller then “punched [her] in the face with so much force that the woman flew off her feet,” according to court papers.

A police source added, “The victim suffered permanent brain damage. It’s uncertain whether or not she will survive her injuries.”

Fuller, 35, allegedly sped from the scene, which is across the street from Stuyvesant Town, but cops got his plate number and two witnesses picked his mug from a photo array.

Detectives arrested him at his home on 195th Street in Jamaica, Queens, Tuesday night, and he was picked out of a lineup at the Ninth Precinct station house, sources said.

The electrician, a father of two, was charged with felony assault and remains jailed at the Manhattan Detention Center in lieu of $100,000 bail.

“I would never intend to physically hurt a woman,” he said in a statement through his lawyer, Thomas Kenniff.  “If there is anything I could do to strengthen her recovery, I would do it.”  The lawyer accused Rosas of starting the fight and insists surveillance video shows her throwing the first punch.  “She hit him in the face,” Kenniff said. “My client has the injuries to prove it.”

But a police source said Fuller admitted to punching a woman at the scene.  Rosas’ mother was outraged he would blame her daughter.  “So she was the aggressor? Really?” she asked. “She’s 4-foot-11. How is she the aggressor?

“It doesn’t matter what she said to him or what he said back. He hit her twice, and he hit her hard enough to shake her brain and make it blow up.”  Rosas remains at Bellevue Hospital, where doctors had opened her skull to relieve pressure on her brain.

Despite Fuller’s extensive arrest record dating to 1994, his lawyer and neighbors described him as a helpful family man.  “He is a beautiful father of a 4-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter,” Kenniff said. “He’s a churchgoing man.”  source

OK the Fuller’s lawyer needs to go to jail right along with him…how you gonna imply it was ok for Fuller to hit this woman because she hit him first.  I find it HILARIOUS the lawyer tried to add in that Fuller is a beautiful father and a churchgoing man OBVIOUSLY he wasn’t thinking about them damn kids or church when he did that bullsh*t.    I would love to ask Fuller what was the point of hitting his woman when at the end of the day he still didn’t get the parking spot.  Wouldn’t it have been better for him to just sit back and wait in the cut and after Rosa’s boyfriend parked his car poke his tires up a bit!  I swear people don’t think before they do sh*t now a days.  Now serious if your big enough to punch a woman in her face and rattle her brain he could have just picked her little azz up and tossed her to the side and took the spot.  SMFH! This is one incident that the great Ike Turner would not approve of!

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