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Happy Birthday To Christopher Rios AKA Big Pun!!!

February 7, 2011 1 comment

R.I.P  Big Pun (November 10, 1971 – February 7, 2000) Gone but definitely not forgotten…especially with the rappers we have to listen to now you are truly missed!

Below are a few of my favorite Big Pun songs…


Did Rihanna Rip Off Photographer David LaChapelle In Her S&M Video???

February 3, 2011 1 comment

SMFH! I knew that dog scene (where she was walking Perez Hilton) looked familiar but I just couldn’t place where I seen it before so I just brushed it off.   However, unlike myself many of Mr. LaChapelle’s fans clearly remembered where they saw screens from Rihanna’s new S&M video and contacted his office about it ASAP.  Now, apparently LaChapelle has worked with Rihanna before however he did not work with her for this project.  Hey who knows maybe when they worked together she asked if she could use some of his work for her up and coming video and he probably said yes (just playing devil’s advocate – I could be wrong).   Anywho, it looks like shat has hit the fan since this video has been released. 

” Twitter has been abuzz with accusations that Rihanna has blatantly ripped-off famed photographer David LaChapelle in her much talked about music video, S&M.

The new music video, which was directed by Melina Matsoukas, premiered on February 1st, causing quite an uproar due to its highly provocative nature and has since been banned in 11 countries.

The source says that they became aware of the similarities between the video and LaChapelle’s work when staffers who handle his fan page, Twitter, and Facebook account called them to tell them they were receiving a lot of messages regarding the video.

The source said that they were completely unaware up to that point that the video was so heavily styled around what appears to be LaChapelle’s photography.

In a side-by-side comparison between LaChapelle’s previous work and screen captures of the Matsoukas directed music video, the similarities are indisputable – with nearly identical sets, scenarios, and styling.

The source claims that Matsoukas had photographs from past Italian Vogue shoots by LaChapelle, ranging from 1995-2002 laying around the set of the music video shoot.  And the evidence does appear overwhelming.”  source

OUCH…this doesn’t look good!!! So in addition to being banned in 11 countries now she has to deal with this issue!  Now, I need to know exactly why this video is banned in 11 countries from my understanding Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Modonna…shat even Rihanna has put out far worst videos…tsk tsk damn shame! Anywho I wonder what Mr. LaChapelle and Rihanna’s statements are going to be in regard to this bullshat!!!

Click HERE for Radar Onlines exclusive side-by-side comparison of LaChapelle’s work and Rihanna’s video still for S

Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones…But Chains & Whips Excite Me *Rihanna Voice*

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I see Rihanna is getting more and more raw with every album! Hey who am I to judge she’s over the age of 21 now so she can say what the hell she wants!  I can’t front I like the song and the video isn’t too bad either!

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Nicki Minaj Debuts “Moment For Life” Video…

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Pretty decent video, I thought it was a cute

Prince “Welcome To America” Tour – MY RECAP!!

January 19, 2011 1 comment

First off I’m gonna start this post by saying… That was the BEST concert I’ve ever went to and trust me I’ve had my fair share of concerts!!! I LOVE Prince more than ever now, I never thought I’d say this but I love him more than Snoop Dogg! I’ve had a rough year but from 7:30pm to 11pm on January 18th I totally forgot about any and everything.

Prince’s opening act was pretty cool I’ve never heard of her before but she definitely set the tone for the show! Once she was done and the crowd sat and waited for Prince they played some old Ike and Tina performances! That definitely got me going because of course I love the great Ike Turner and I love watching Tina sing and dance! I must honestly say I’ve never saw a video of them actually performing together until today (or I guess I should say yesterday lmao). Anywho, it finally went dark and the crowd (packed house might I add) went WILD because it was time for the great one to grace the stage! After a few minutes all you could see was a tiny body standing on the piano I wanted to cry because I couldn’t believe it was really him. After a few minutes he goes “did y’all get enough pictures” and the crowd went bananas…. So of course he says “y’all ain’t ready for me yet, I’ve got hits for days”… OMG I almost died!!! He started of with some instrumentals of his old hits and the concert took off.

OMFG Prince sang so many songs I didn’t know what to do with myself! I wanted to take notes for you guys but I just couldn’t, all my attention was on that concert! When he sang “COOL” and the entire crowd did the little dance along with him I was in heaven! If you don’t know the dance it’s just spelling out cool with your hand! Also of course he sang “PURPLE RAIN” and I swore Madison Square Garden was gonna collapse or it could have just been my heart trying to jump out of my chest. I was loving the “WELCOME TO AMERICA” song, today was the first time I’ve heard it but I was rocking out to it like it was one of my favorites.

Prince also had the crowd fooled about 4-5 times. After a few songs he would say “Thank You New York City Goodnight” and then disappear so the crowd thought the concert was over! Then BAM out of no where he would come back and get the party started all over again. I almost felt sorry for the people who left and didn’t come back but hey a true fan doesn’t leave until the lights come on so it’s sucks to be them. I must say even though people were losing their mind when Prince sang “PURPLE RAIN” I swore a riot was about to erupt when he sang “OH OH LET’S GO”… Smfh mofo’s were going straight bananas in there!!!

Prince is truly a phenomenal performer! The way he sang and danced on that stage I just couldn’t believe it. Just looking at him on stage you wouldn’t believe he aged one bit! His concert wasn’t much like then sexy, naughty Prince from back in the days but you better believe I saw the freak come out of him a few times while he was performing. And yes Prince definitely still has the moves!!!

I had a BLAST!! Yes I had a BLAST!!! I got 100x over my money worth!!

Stars Show Support At Teena Marie’s Memorial Service

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m sorry but who invited Sheryl Lee Ralph and most important WHY?  I need to know why someone didn’t inform her to leave the fake sh*t at home!

New Music: Jay-Z and Kanye West – H.A.M (Hard As A MuthaF**ka)

January 11, 2011 1 comment

Y’all know I love me some Kanye but this may need to grow on me!!  What do you guys think?

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