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*sigh* Look I Need For Lil Kim To Cut The Sh*t Out And Drop Her Album Already!!!

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Look the diss record was FIRE but geesh stop all the bullshat talking and drop an album already show us why you are the Queen Bee of this sh*t!!! Lil Kim was doing a performance at the Hippodrome in  Springfield, Massachusetts on New Years Eve and felt the need to stop mid way through the performance to of course talk sh*t about Nicki Minaj!  SMFH!  I hope Kim isn’t turning into the single white female over this bullsh*t!  LAWD!

Peep the video below:

SMFH @ her dragging Mary “No More Drama” Blige into the beef!  Can’t we all live well like Montel (shut up I don’t care if he isn’t living well)?


In *Ain’t This Bout A B*tch* News: Beanie Sigel Says Dame Dash Owes Him 11 Million!!!

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

*hard blank stare* Look I need Beanie Sigel to cut it out like right now!!!  I want to know who from the Roc doesn’t owe him money.  Anywho, Beanie Sigel recently visited the Star and BucWild Show (DAMN I MISS THAT SHOW IN NY) and informed them that Dame Dash owes him a serious amount of money.   Star asked the Broad Street Bully why he never came on his show, was it because of his loyalty to Jay-z and Dame Dash…and Beanie informed them that he doesn’t have any loyalty to Dame  since Dame has some money for him:

“Naw I ain’t loyal to Dame, Dame owe me money! My own lawyer found Dame stole from me 11 million dollars.”  source

SMFH! I need to know why did Beanie allow this to happen… 11 million dollars! Look If I ‘m missing 100,000 dollars someone has to answering to do!  I know its hard when your coming off the street and coming into a lot of money but damn Beanie you should have been more on point!  When did your lawyer find out Dame owed you money *side-eye*.  Then Star brought up a very good point…When Beanie was going through his legal troubles Dame was there holding him down…However Beanie shut that down ASAP letting Star know that was all a cover up to make the Roc look good…”It wasn’t about me it was about PR” Beanie stated…DEZAMN!!!

Ja-Rule Gets 2 Years For A Gun Charge & Calls 50 Cent A Pu**y

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

DEZAMN… Just when I thought my life was getting rough!!!!  Back in 2007 after leaving Lil Wayne’s concert Ja-Rule was pulled over for speeding and police found a semiautomatic pistol in his car (smfh yes that was also the same night Lil Wayne got busted in his tour bus).  Anywho, I believe Ja-Rule was trying to get the charges dropped by stating the police did an unlawful search (don’t they always) however, he plead guilty this morning in court to the criminal possession charges and is expected to do two years as part of his plea deal.    He is expected to receive his sentence in February 2012…SMFH! 

Now in true sh*t talking fashion I was waiting for 50 cent to say some disrespectful shat on twitter and of course he did not fail me! LMFAO!   However, Ja-Rule surprised me and responded to 50’s bullshat antics!!  I guess he got tired of him talking sh*t after all these years!!!

source: theybf

CTFU @ Ja-Rule saying don’t make me smack you in the mouth AGAIN!!! Lmao of course I had to go on twitter and ask 50 Cent why didn’t he respond or retweet what Ja-Rule said but he didn’t respond to me! *sad face*

SMFH! So Lil Kim Responds To Nicki!!!

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

*sigh* They both just need to let this stop right now geesh!  The “lil kim clone clown” bar was funny though I can’t front.  Below is a little snippet of the dis record.  I had to laugh when she said Drake and Nicki isn’t built for the hood sh*t, now I dont’ know about Nicki but sh*t was rough at Degrassi for Drake so Kim better be easy.  TUH!  Now the record isn’t too bad regular lil Kim sh*t and like I said before it was just a snippet so there is still more to come.  Anywho, the dis record is titled “Black Friday” which Kim plans to drop on Black Friday!

*In side-eye News* Your Not Slick Nicki Minaj…

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

So if you don’t live under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard the Nicki Minaj’s single with Eminem Romans revenge…. YES it was HOT I cannot tell a lie but of course after I listened to the song I had to go and make some funeral arrangements for lil Kim…LMFAO!!!! But all jokes aside despite the single being FIRE I need to see what her album is gonna do… NO OTHER FEMALE rapper has come close to Hardcore…*don’t worry I’ll wait while you sit and think of one*…  I think Nicki is VERY talented (shat when I showing her love many was doubting her) but at the end of the day I need a classic album…and I honestly I think she can do it!!!! 

Anywho, the world including myself felt Nicki was throwing some jabs (and a few uppercuts) in Lil Kim’s direction on Romans revenge, however she is stating otherwise:

“No, I’m talking about everyone who has been in interviews talking and I think it’s good for people to hear me respond to ….People have said so much about me, So I don’t ever single anyone out because no one is worth being singled out. No one is worth having their name mentioned out of my mouth and they never will get that.

I’ve been quiet for such a long time and I’ve been the nice guy. I’ve been the person that gave everyone their props. I’ve complimented everybody from day one. I think that as a rapper, you can’t be a rapper and not speak on things being said about you. I use my music to say what I have to say”  source

So she wasn’t dissing Lil Kim and I have a big booty…RIGHTTTTTTTT!!!!… You can’t fool me baby…. I love her logic though LMFAO reminds me of a young Hova!!!! I need to play a game of Chess with this young lady one day to see where her mind is really at… but they way she is moving strategically I’m patiently waiting for that album to drop……I cannot tell a lie *in my 5-year-old Risse-Beauty voice*

Can’t We Just Live Well Like Montel *part 2*

OK so I was listening to a video on (yes I love me some got damn 50 cent) where Lil’ Kim was explaining on why she is acting the way she is…

Now you can remember a couple of post back that I was a bit disappointed in Lil’ Kim for acting the way she is now.  However, I forgot one key thing about debates.  I must always listen to both sides of the story (I always call myself the Devil’s Advocate because I need to know both sides of every situation and I always try to look at the story from both sides).  Apparently Lil’ Kim feels that Nicki has been throwing subliminal shots at her ever since she has made her way into the game.  Certain shots like “Oh did I kill the queen” has Lil’ Kim’s panties in a bunch! and SHAT rightfully so.  Don’t try to act like your paying homage to me and in the same breath try to disrespect me like I’m some bum b*tch who did NOT pave the way for you.  Now that is just a major FAIL!  Also, in addition to the subliminal shots some major sh*t went down over a single featuring Lil’ Kim that was supposed to be on Baby’s album.  Basically, Kim was supposed to be featured on this new single however the camp (Cash/Young Money) went behind Kim’s back and added Nicki on to the track.  Kim still didn’t fuss she just rolled with the punches.  However, some crazy shat went down and the single ended up being pulled off the album all together (your definitely going to need to listen to for Kim to explain into further detail in regards to the single)…

Oh…and Kim responded to Drake *BWHAHAHAHAHAHAA (evil villain laugh)… She got in Drake azz and called him a b*tch azz nicca for even trying to get into the middle of the situation.  She did mention that Ray J was the one talking all the sh*t and if Drake wanted to get at someone then it should have been Ray J….but I just can’t see that happening LMFAO!! Drake was on Degrassi for baby jesus sake (HEY HEY we will NOT disrespect one of the greatest shows on TV SHAT)

All in All I just want women to just get along… SHAT and take over this rap game! smh!!! I just want to see if this Barbie Beef will continue when Remy Martin gets home! SMH! did Y’all hear her verse on the “ButtNaked” remix….*sheeeeewwwwwwww*

*SIGH* Can we all just live well like Montel???

So (dragging soapbox to post) I need to talk to you guys about this Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj “BEEF” (yes I added quotes because I think it just bullsh*t)…

Now we all know Lil Kim not only change the entire rap game for women but reinvented it to another level…SEX!  She made female rappers sexy remember at first it was baggy outfits here and there and a little gangsta here and there.  Now don’t get me wrong Salt n Pepper had a sexy flow about them.  Them turned us on to “Let’s talk about Sex” and “Push”….HOWEVER Lil Kim basically made it OK to be a freak made it OK to …ummmm how do I say this politely “she made it ok to give a little knowledge to a gentleman if you know what I mean”.

So now lets fast forward to a certain young lady in the rap game today Ms. Nicki Minaj…Now off the back we all knew that she was following in Lil Kim’s footsteps (dressing, somewhat talking and the wigs) but at the end of the day I always felt she was a mixture of a little bit of Lil Kim and Lady Gaga.  And I honestly think she is talented and has a decent flow *blank stare*  but that Massive Attack single she dropped was a #FAIL!  But she somewhat recovered with her next single Your Love.  But Massive Attack scorned me so much it make take at least 2 fire albums to make up for that sh*t!  Now when Nicki Minaj first came out SHE DID MAY HOMAGE to Lil Kim so I am very very clueless as to why Lil Kim is upset and saying she didn’t!

At this point if Lil Kim is not ready to drop a super hot asstastic fire album I don’t wanna hear SHAT!!!  I mean I hate to be an azzhole (no I don’t) but shat she already paid her homage let her do what she has to do to make a way for herself.  I mean if I was Lil Kim I would NEVER be worried about any female MC taking that Queen Bee crown I don’t care how many plastic surgeries gone wrong and jail time Kim got.

HAVE YOU LISTENED TO HARDCORE? OK that’s what I thought! PAATY DOWN (in my fake Trickadadian voice)

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