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Nicki Minaj Debuts “Moment For Life” Video…

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Pretty decent video, I thought it was a cute


New Music: Jay-Z and Kanye West – H.A.M (Hard As A MuthaF**ka)

January 11, 2011 1 comment

Y’all know I love me some Kanye but this may need to grow on me!!  What do you guys think?

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*sigh* Look I Need For Lil Kim To Cut The Sh*t Out And Drop Her Album Already!!!

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Look the diss record was FIRE but geesh stop all the bullshat talking and drop an album already show us why you are the Queen Bee of this sh*t!!! Lil Kim was doing a performance at the Hippodrome in  Springfield, Massachusetts on New Years Eve and felt the need to stop mid way through the performance to of course talk sh*t about Nicki Minaj!  SMFH!  I hope Kim isn’t turning into the single white female over this bullsh*t!  LAWD!

Peep the video below:

SMFH @ her dragging Mary “No More Drama” Blige into the beef!  Can’t we all live well like Montel (shut up I don’t care if he isn’t living well)?

Happy Belated Birthday To Pimp C!!!

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

I should be ashamed of myself!  I totally forgot to do a post for my 3rd husband’s birthday, December 29th  (may he Rest In Peace)…

Below is a tribute video that was made in his honor!!! SMFH I’m the world’s worst wife for this bullsh*t!


I Didn’t Want To Post This Video Since I’m On Smoking Hiatus…But Eff’ It!!!

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Real Talk When I’m off Hiatus on November 29,2011 I’m not sharing no spliff for a mother f*cking year!!! If you got a problem roll yo own sh*t… And you better believe at midnight on November 29,2011 i’m lighting up the FATTEST spliff and this song will be ON HIGH BLAST!!!!

Until then….I”m here with the mad face!!!!

In *Ain’t This Bout A B*tch* News: Beanie Sigel Says Dame Dash Owes Him 11 Million!!!

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

*hard blank stare* Look I need Beanie Sigel to cut it out like right now!!!  I want to know who from the Roc doesn’t owe him money.  Anywho, Beanie Sigel recently visited the Star and BucWild Show (DAMN I MISS THAT SHOW IN NY) and informed them that Dame Dash owes him a serious amount of money.   Star asked the Broad Street Bully why he never came on his show, was it because of his loyalty to Jay-z and Dame Dash…and Beanie informed them that he doesn’t have any loyalty to Dame  since Dame has some money for him:

“Naw I ain’t loyal to Dame, Dame owe me money! My own lawyer found Dame stole from me 11 million dollars.”  source

SMFH! I need to know why did Beanie allow this to happen… 11 million dollars! Look If I ‘m missing 100,000 dollars someone has to answering to do!  I know its hard when your coming off the street and coming into a lot of money but damn Beanie you should have been more on point!  When did your lawyer find out Dame owed you money *side-eye*.  Then Star brought up a very good point…When Beanie was going through his legal troubles Dame was there holding him down…However Beanie shut that down ASAP letting Star know that was all a cover up to make the Roc look good…”It wasn’t about me it was about PR” Beanie stated…DEZAMN!!!

Ja-Rule Gets 2 Years For A Gun Charge & Calls 50 Cent A Pu**y

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

DEZAMN… Just when I thought my life was getting rough!!!!  Back in 2007 after leaving Lil Wayne’s concert Ja-Rule was pulled over for speeding and police found a semiautomatic pistol in his car (smfh yes that was also the same night Lil Wayne got busted in his tour bus).  Anywho, I believe Ja-Rule was trying to get the charges dropped by stating the police did an unlawful search (don’t they always) however, he plead guilty this morning in court to the criminal possession charges and is expected to do two years as part of his plea deal.    He is expected to receive his sentence in February 2012…SMFH! 

Now in true sh*t talking fashion I was waiting for 50 cent to say some disrespectful shat on twitter and of course he did not fail me! LMFAO!   However, Ja-Rule surprised me and responded to 50’s bullshat antics!!  I guess he got tired of him talking sh*t after all these years!!!

source: theybf

CTFU @ Ja-Rule saying don’t make me smack you in the mouth AGAIN!!! Lmao of course I had to go on twitter and ask 50 Cent why didn’t he respond or retweet what Ja-Rule said but he didn’t respond to me! *sad face*

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