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31 People Charged With Selling Drugs Out Of An Ice Cream Truck In Staten Island…

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

*hard blank stare* now I thought only Big Worm from the movie Friday did sh*t like this!  I can’t front I had to bust a hard azz laugh when I read this story!  I tell you people are coming up with all types of ways to get that money in this recession!  Can you imagine going up to an Ice Cream truck and asking for a firecracker icy and a quarter of that sweet cheba!  WAIT!  So how were they making money in the winter time LMFAO!  Damn shame but that’s probably how they got caught… people probably saw a line at the ice cream truck in the dead of winter and went over to see what was going on!!!

“A $1 million-a-year pill-pushing ring used a Lickety Split ice cream truck to dish out drugs on Staten Island, prosecutors said Thursday.  Thirty-one people were charged with helping to distribute 42,755 tablets of oxycodone pain tablets, the generic form of the opiate Oxycontin.

The ring bought the pills with the help of a crooked medical office manager for a Manhattan orthopedic surgeon, special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan said.  Nancy Wilkins, 40, of Brooklyn, is accused of providing the ring with blank prescription forms, which were then forged.

A network of runners — some addicts — filled the prescriptions in exchange for cash or drugs at nearly two dozen pharmacies, mostly mom-and-pop shops in Staten Island, authorities said.

The meds were sold to adults several ways – but most often for $20 a pill from an ice cream truck, prosecutors said.  The not-so-sweet scheme was the brainchild of Louis Scala, 29, of Staten Island, and Joseph Zaffuto, 39, authorities said.”  source

LMFAO!  The damn name Lickety Spit is shady no wonder why they got caught!!!


Retrial For Reggae Star Buju Banton…

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

DEZAMN…it was all good just a week ago!  Well not a week ago but I felt like saying it anyway…it must suck big time to win a Grammy on Sunday night and have to go back to trial on Monday.  As you may already know Buju ( Mark Myrie) was arrested back in December 2009 and is now facing “charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and possession of a firearm during the course of a drug trafficking crime, attempting to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, and using a communication facility in the commission of an act constituting a felony” (SMH well GOT DAMN)…Anywho, his last trial in September ending in a jury deadlock  however he is back in court today for a retrial. 

“Reggae Grammy award winner Buju Banton arrived at a US federal court in Tampa Florida a short while ago.

Buju, dressed in dark suit and blue shirt walked into the United States middle district court at 8.17 a.m. ahead of jury selection.

His attorney David Oscar Marcus and manager Traci McGreggor were by his side. The Gargamel, who for a while had his hands in his pockets, even helped McGreggor to pull a stroller with a baby up the court steps. He then disappeared into the Sam M Gibbons building.

Banton, 37, whose real name is Mark Myrie, has been accused of conspiring with two associates to buy a shipment of cocaine from an undercover officer. The reggae superstar has claimed he was entrapped by a confidential informant.

Buju Banton’s lawyer David Oscar Markus today asked jurors not to allow the Jamaican’s superstar status to impact on their ability to discharge their duties properly.

During jury selection this morning, Markus told the jury that Buju has just won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album and suggested many persons hold him up as a role-model.

“I am not asking for any special treatment for Mr Myrie,” Oscar Marcus said.

Buju Banton’s real name is Mark Myrie.

“In the courtroom Mr Myrie is just like you and me. He should be held to the same standard,” he added. ”  source

DEZAMN…How Buju’s lawyer can work some magic it doesn’t look like the U.S government is trying to let his azz go free!  But its going to be pretty hard to prove you weren’t trying to buy that white stuff when you are on tape doing a taste test and what not! GEESH!

Gang Leader Sentenced To Double Life Plus 40 Years…

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment
source: BOSSIP

You know I would really like to ask a judge what the hell is the point of sentencing someone to double life or life plus additional years.  I mean if your crime is extremely horrible you either need to get life or death row.    So I need to get some type of understanding of this…basically if someone is sentenced to life and 25 years that means they have to do jail time until they die (that’s the life term) and then when they are reborn they have to come back and do 25 years???  YES my point exactly that sounds stupid as hell so what the hell is the point of all that bullshat! I feel like once you are sentenced to life that’s a done deal it pretty much can’t any worst than that unless you get sentenced to death row.  Anywho, it looks like a gang leader from Atlanta got hit with one of these ridiculous sentences:

“The leader of a violent Atlanta gang was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder and assault charges stemming from three separate incidents that left two dead and two wounded.

George “Keon” Redding, a 21-year-old widely recognized as the leader of “30 Deep,” was convicted late Monday of the charges. He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 40 years by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Shawn LaGrua.

Prosecutors say Redding shot and killed 40-year-old Ronnie Pierce in June 2007 after a dispute over a gun. He also was charged in the July 2007 killing of 25-year-old Victor Hill in an apparently random attack. And he’s accused of targeting a third man who was shot and wounded while playing basketball in east Atlanta. ”  source

SMFH! Damn Shame! Only 21 years old…someone should have put his azz on Beyond Scared Straight…I’m sure that experience would have knocked some sense into him.  But, looking at all that crime he did he probably would have felt right at home.

Get The Eff’ Out They Got Charlie Into Rehab!!!

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Ok I know I did about 50 post on Charlie Sheen today but hey he keeps the excitement going…Apparently enough was enough and he checked himself into rehab! 

Charlie Sheen voluntarily checked himself in to an undisclosed rehab facility earlier today … and his show “Two and a Half Men” has been placed on indefinite “hiatus” while he undergoes treatment.

“Two and a Half Men” producers released a statement saying, “Due to Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter a rehabilitation center, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre are placing “Two and a Half Men” on production hiatus.”

The statement continues, “We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision.”

Sheen’s publicist tells us, “He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern.”  source

Well who knew there was a rehab center for an addiction to porn stars…I wish Charlie the best and he better not do a Kim Richards or Ted Williams and leave on the first day/week.

NY Firefighter Gets Sentence To Five Years For Operating Marijuana Farm In His Basement!

January 26, 2011 1 comment

SMFH You just got to be kidding me right! I guess that good old salary you were making as a firefighter just wasn’t enough to support your family.  Now, I’m not a person that would knock anyone’s hustle but why do people with good jobs chose to sell drugs I honestly don’t know.  And you would think that these people with good jobs who chose to get into the drug game would try to be as far removed from it as they can…I mean dezamn just front a little cash and keep it moving but lawd why would you be growing the sh*t in your basement.   I would only approve of this if you are a die-hard smoker and you are just tired of buying the sh*t so your just like “eff it I’m going to save money and grow it” I mean hey why not we are in a recession.  But, I honestly have no words for this fool here:

“A disgraced Queens firefighter was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison for operating a marijuana farm in the basement of a Queens house.

Patrick Murray, a reputed member of a drug gang called “The Master Race,” was convicted last summer largely on the testimony of Matthew Cody, a fellow firefighter from Engine 292 in Woodside who was recruited into the scheme by Murray.

Brooklyn Federal Judge John Gleeson said he would have sentenced Murray to less time, but five years was the mandatory minimum under the statute.”  source

HELLO! Is this judge out of his mind talking about he would have given Murray less time?  Less time for what he deserves more time for that bullsh*t he did!  SMFH!  Anywho, I wonder if Murray is gonna come home and beat the crap out of Cody for snitching on him LMFAO!  Damn shame!

OK I Really Need For Montana Fishburne To Get Her Sh*t Together…SMFH!

January 24, 2011 4 comments

I”m sorry but I need this child to go on “Beyond Scared Straight” the hooker editiion…SMFH!  This heffa goes from doing porno to trying to get her life together to getting into legal trouble to NOW….trying to fake a suicide attempt *very hard blank stare*.  I really need for Lawrence to snap into his Ike Turner role from “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and whoop Montana’s azz like she is Tina up in this b*tch….LIKE FOR REAL *in Antoine Datson voice*. 

“Sources tell us that last August, Montana’s dad, Laurence Fishburne, was so concerned about his daughter’s well-being that he had a private investigator follow her around. The investigator shot video of Montana drinking what appeared to be bleach.

Turns out, Montana faked the whole thing. Sources say she found out a P.I. was videotaping her and drank the bleach “to put on a show.”

The tape has become relevant in the ongoing criminal assault case against Montana because her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, had sent the tape to the prosecutor to demonstrate her client’s troubled mental state and help get a plea deal that involved rehab, not jail time. The prosecutor agreed to the deal, but has since disavowed it and wants her to do jail time.”  source

I need to know what is Montana trying to prove…she is the classic example of a little black girl lost.  I really wanna know how she faked drinking this bleach though! SMFH!  Well I wonder is if she is going to get some jail time since the prosecutor isn’t feeling her anymore.  I guess rehab and the mental institute deal is going to be off the table for this little prank she decided to pull! Why couldn’t she be like most trouble celebrity kids who does some drugs here and there and then go do a reality show! I mean let’s be real they always end up walking the straight path after…just look at Nicole but then again look at Paris!  So I guess that’s not a good option! OH WELL!

In *This A Got Damn Shame* News: Bobbi Kristina Is Out Of Control!!!

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

SO SAD JOJO *In my Martin from BadBoy voice*… I guess when both of your parents are crack heads it hard for you to walk a straight path…Anywho, there are some pics floating around the internet of lil ol’ Bobbi Kristina holding an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle *hard blank stare*…

source: MTO

SMFH! She needs her azz whooped, I need to know what friend’s house she was at when she took this pic!  I blame Miley Cyrus for this!!!

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