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In *Child Bait* News: It Looks Like Ashley Green & Joe Jonas Spit Up!!!! Time For Me To Slide In…

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Look y’all can sleep on that young tenderoni Joe but got damnit I will NOT!!!!  Now that he is single where can I accidentally run into him and give him a little sweet talk *in my Melo voice*.

whoooo lawd *fanning myself*… let me tell you tweenyboppers something… just like I almost broke down and fought one of y’all for Jacob Black from Twilight don’t sit back and think it won’t happen for some Joe!!!  Ashley Green wasn’t good for him anyway!! I didn’t trust her!


Does Carmelo Anthony Really Have A Secret Love Child???

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

See what happens when you come to NYC the bullshat starts!!!!  Damn Melo I thought you was out here behaving yourself and I come in to work and see this online! LAWD!  SMFH!  I tell ya boy when your young, rich, and sexy its hard to keep faithful…it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman!

“Supposedly there was a hidden reason behind Melo getting shipped to the Knicks…My source tells me that a big perk of his trade to the New York is he can now have more quality time with his side baby, by a woman in the New York area. My Sources say that the child is 11 months old and that when his then girlfriend (now wife) LaLa Vasquez found out about the pregnancy she gave him the ultimatum of marriage or a very messy break up..My source goes to say to say…”People don’t even know the half of it.  Just because her life is in the limelight, Lala thinks Carmelo wouldn’t do anything to ruin there image in the public eye…which is not the case. I know for a FACT, he’s not faithful.  Melo is a sweet talker and his sex game is on point…I’m not proud of what I did, but I’m not the first and certainly not the last”  source

Damn I really really hope this is a rumor!  I don’t know but I feel like if Lala ever found out Melo was cheating someone would get beat til the white meat shows…so I may have to give this rumor the *side-eye* for now!  But damn the person saying he is a sweet talker and sex game is on point…hmmmm I may have to holla at Melo!!! I’M JUST KIDDING!!!! LMFAO!

TOO HILARIOUS!!! Charlie Sheen as Charlie Brown!

Jimmy Kimmel is going to hell for this one!!!

They Better Return Charlie Sheen’s Twins Or There Will Be TigerBlood To Pay!!!!

March 2, 2011 3 comments

Is it me or does this feel like we are reliving the Mel Gibson drama LMFAO!  I swear with all this media coverage that Sheen is getting he doesn’t need to worry about another season of “Two and a half Men”!!!!!  Anywho, I feel like Sheen has the world in the palm of his hand at the moment, all this other crap going on in the world, $4 gas for example and the media is covering his every move.   As we know he has been making his rounds and been doing interviews all over the place…hope you guys were able to catch the one he did for 20/20 last night (check it out below if you missed it) but I can’t front I died when he said “he didn’t take any drugs he paid for them” (baby jesus take me away)….look I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Sheen has that tiger blood and it will only take a near death experience for him to wake up and realize what he is doing.  If you can live this lifestyle and wake up the next morning like nothing ever happened then YOU WILL NOT CHANGE!!!

Anywho, as you all know the latest news about Charlie is his baby mother Brooke Mueller contacted the police and got his twins taking away from him and now he can’t track them down.   The funniest thing about this situation is Sheen accusing Brooke of being a crack head and not being able to take care of the twins…I guess she can’t hold her coke like my man Charlie can LMFAO!  Now the crazy thing about this is Sheen has been acting the fool for a minute now and he has been raising the twins for sometime now so why did Brooke wait so long to contact the law to get her children (I think I hate her more than Mel Gibson’s ex-wife):

“Charlie Sheen has no idea where his 23-month-old twin sons were taken after authorities came to his Los Angeles mansion Tuesday night and whisked them away from the troubled actor’s custody.

“At this moment, I do not know where my children are. But I am not panicking,” the disheveled 45-year-old, who vowed to win them back, said on “Today” — his third consecutive appearance on the morning show.

“This is not about emotion, not about ego. It’s about getting very focused and getting very much in touch with what I have to do to complete the task of bringing these two beautiful young men back to the home they deserve to be raised in,” he said.

Sheen recounted the emotional ordeal after Brooke Muller, Sheen’s soon-to-be ex-wife, filed an emergency restraining order against her husband Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, reportedly with no notice to Sheen.

The actor said he was just putting twins Bob and Max to bed when an assistant informed him police were on their way to issue a restraining order. He then learned that they were there to remove his sons.

“I didn’t push it. I just had to surrender to it, knowing that, you know this is now I guess the challenge I claim to be looking for. I’m more than willing to take on this task,” said Sheen, who insisted he remained calm and provided authorities with car seats for the twins.

But after thanking the police for their professionalism, Sheen declared “Tiger blood now drips from my fangs,”

In the filing, Mueller alleges that Sheen took her sons, Bob and Max, from her home Feb. 26 without permission and has kept them ever since. Mueller claimed that when she tried to get her kids back, Sheen threatened her by saying, “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom.”

Sheen denied the allegations.”  source

*BABY JESUS TAKE ME AWAY* I’m on the floor right now I swear on everything Charlie better get “TigerBlood” copyrighted or trademarked or something like ASAP!  That has been his signature in like every interview thus far!  But in all honesty, we have like two wars going down, crazy sh*t going down in the middle east, gas the price of Louie Vuitton bags and yet we are just focusing on my man Sheen…Anywho, if you missed the interview last night check it out below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

In *Sad Day For Hip Hop* News: Remy Ma’s Appeal Denied

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

GOT DAMNIT!  This means I have to continue to listen to these lame female rappers out here for another 5 years or so!   I need for her lawyer to put in some work and get a better defense going to get her out of jail, I not too sure I can go with the “they got into a fight in the car and the gun went off” defense.  Sadly, we will never know what happened that night back in 2007 or who is telling the truth.  I just know the fact that Remy fleeing the scene does not help her in this case one bit…SMFH!  Well I hope this case taught Remy one thing…becareful who you surround yourself with and you should have gotten some bum azz grimey b*tches to take care of that job for you!  You know when you’re in the public eye you can’t be getting mixed up in that sort of drama!  Damn you can take the girl out the hood but never the hood out of the girl!!!!

“Former Fat Joe protégé Remy Ma’s appeal for her 2008 conviction on assault was denied on Thursday as the New York Court of Appeals ruled to uphold the original decision.

According to the Associated Press, the court struck down the argument that the judge in the rapper’s case failed to properly inform jurors of pertinent details before the group reached a verdict.

The 29-year-old artist, who was born Reminisce Smith, remains behind bars serving out the rest of her eight-year sentence.

Three years ago, Remy Ma was found guilty of assault, weapons possession and coercion stemming from a July 2007 incident where an associate of the Bronx native was shot after an altercation between the pair.

In 2008, she was sentenced to eight years in prison for her role in the dispute.

The incident that landed Remy Ma behind bars began when she and Makeda Barnes-Joseph argued in a car over missing money after leaving a birthday celebration for a mutual acquaintance. The former Terror Squad star accused Barnes-Joseph of pocketing upward of $3,000 in cash. After a struggle between two women, the rapper shot Barnes-Joseph in the abdomen and then fled the scene.

Remy Ma’s attorney, Ivan Fisher, told the jury during the trial that the women’s hands hit the rearview mirror of Barnes-Joseph’s car during the tussle and resulting in the gun discharging.”  source

DAMN Shame Remy Ma gets 8 years for this bullsh*t and that cop from Oakland (am I right I can’t remember) who killed the unarmed young boy on video mind you only got 2 years!  She better look into getting his lawyer! *blank stare*

Christian Dior Suspends Head Designer John Galliano After Arrest!!!

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

REALLY!!! No Comment!!! Ok I have a got damn comment…when did it become a crime to be ignorant or a racist, because if that is the case then a lot of mofo’s need to get they azz locked the hell up!  Sadly,  I guess these people in public eye never learn their lesson.   When all eyes are on you, you have to conduct yourself in a different matter, sadly the public refuses to believe that people in the spotlight are human just like us regular people.   I guess John didn’t get the memo on what happened to Cipher Sounds LMFAO!  I guess Freedom of Speech doesn’t apply in Paris….damn shame!

“John Galliano is under the spotlight, but it has nothing to do with a fashion faux pas.

The British fashion genius has been suspended as the head designer of Christian Dior, following his arrest for allegedly assaulting and hurling anti-Semitic remarks at a couple sitting on a café terrace in Paris.

“Dior affirms with the utmost conviction its policy of zero tolerance towards any antisemitic or racist words or behaviour,” Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano said in a statement to Reuters on Friday.

“Pending the results of the inquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from his responsibilities,” the statement added.

The arrest comes just before Paris Fashion Week, which starts next Monday. 

Galliano was drinking at a bar Thursday night before the altercation in the trendy Marais district, which has historically been the home of the area’s Jewish community, authorities said.

Witnesses told London’s Telegraph that Galliano “swore heavily, using anti-Jewish insults before attacking the couple.”

“For the moment, we don’t know what led him to address the couple. We don’t know yet know if they knew each other or not,” a police source told AFP.

The celeb designer’s lawyers vehemently denied accusations of anti-Semitism.

After Galliano yelled at the couple, he was taken to a police station for a sobriety test, where he was found to be just over the legal limit.

Police escorted the 50-year-old back to his home in the city. In France, making anti-Semitic remarks is punishable by up to six months in prison. But so far, no charges have been filed against Galliano.”  source

Now we all know there is one religion on earth you cannot disrespect without dealing with some type of consequences and that is the Jewish religion.  No matter how much they disrespect or belittle you, you just have to eat it and call it a day!  John knows damn well they probably run the corporate office for Christian Dior so he should have been easy with the words he was throwing at the couple.  I wonder how he assaulted them…LMFAO he probably threw a drink at them or some sh*t.  The funny thing about this the couple was probably calling him all kinds of gay names in the book and he probably couldn’t take the insults anymore and went OFF!  I mean I only assault I see listed in the article was verbal…*tsk tsk* this is sad!  Poor John to be on the safe side he should have just pulled out his d*ck and smacked the couple in the face with it and exit stage left and went home….Damn! I wonder what is gonna go down during fashion week!

DEZAMN…So CBS Pulled The Plug On My Boy Charlie…I Blame The Porn Stars!!!

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

CRAP! So that means no more “Two & A Half Men”….So sad JoJo *in my Martin from BadBoys voice*!  Well I guess this will be the wake up call that Charlie needs but I highly doubt it.   It will probably make him more upset and go on another coke and porn star binge.  I’m surprised CBS didn’t make this move sooner, I thought they would have axed the show right after Sheen did his fake rehab stint LMFAO!  Anywho, maybe losing out on that $2 million per show will slow his spending habit down a bit…

Charlie Sheen has fired back on the decision to suspend Two and Half Men, labeling the move “crazy” — and boldly declaring that he is switching channels to HBO.

In a text message from the Bahamas where he is vacationing, the 45-year-old actor described CBS and Warner Bros. decision to immediately stop production of Two and a Half Men for the rest of the season as “crazy” and “sad”.

Earlier, CBS and Warner Bros. released a statement, saying: “Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of Two And A Half Men for the remainder of the season.”

In an open letter to his fans, Sheen also wrote:

What does this say about Haim Levine after he tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me. I gracefully ignored this folly for 177 shows … I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can’t handle my power and can’t handle the truth. I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words — imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists. I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong.”  source

CTFU Charlie is TOO HILARIOUS!!!  I’m mad he called Levine a little maggot and saying he wishes him nothing but pain… who says stuff like that LMFAO!  Like I said before I’m sure this won’t be enough for Charlie to get his act together…it will take a near death experience for him to lose the love he has for coke and porn stars!

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