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Why I Look Up To Coco & Other News!!

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I can’t front when I get married I’ll be wearing crap like this to clean my house as well!!!

Anywho, Happy Bday Coco!!! Didn’t I tell you guys Pisces don’t know how to act!!!

  • Yay for Michael Douglas… I’m glad he is recovering well – Radar Online
  • SMFH Damn near 10 years since 9/11 and Muslims are still catching hell on airplanes – Bossip
  • Word… L.A Reid gives Def Jam the 2 fingers *Deuces* – The YBF
  • R.I.P To Alfred Pennyworth aka Michael Gough – Dlisted
  • Bras – more than just for holding down your boobies – The Smoking Jacket
  • Shower with a Stripper pole?  Sounds sexy yet dangerous…one slip and its over – The Gloss
  • They better leave my nicca Mel Gibson aka Mad Max alone – TMZ
  • I need to know whats really going down with Usher and his ex-wife (i’m just too lazy to read for myself) – Sandra Rose
  • Word Rihanna – you know you telling the truth to *side eye* – Necole Bitchie
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Angela Simmons Goes Topless & Other News…

  • SMFH Black Woman need to do better – BOSSIP
  • So every female in prison wanted the Brat but no one on the outside wants anything to do with her? – Sandra Rose
  • CTFU I swear Snoop is the ABSOLUTE worst – TMZ
  • Why can’t these people leave my boy Charlie Sheen alone, but all jokes aside the grandparents need to get a hold of his kids….TEAM SHEEN – The Superficial
  • Whitney Houston’s daughter is making sure the family legacy lives on – The Blemish
  • I wanna see this movie…THAT IS ALL – Socialite Life
  • GOT DAMNIT….many many well wishes to Zsa Zas this isn’t looking good – Dlisted
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SMFH! Was Beyonce Really Serious About This? & And Other News!

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I need Beyonce to sit her azz all the way down somewhere!  You know what I’m not going to be ignorant but did she really feel comfortable doing this photo shoot?  What was the message she was trying to get out there for this?  Anywho below are some links from my favorite blogs I visited today:

  • Well I guess my question about the Beyonce photo shoot was answered…I’m still not impressed – Sandra Rose
  • *We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People* She knew damn well she wanted her daughter on that Anti-Abortion billboard…I’m sorry but she should have been in the News complaining when the billboard first came out – Bossip
  • When you can’t blame anyone else just blame the devil…CTFU Chris Brown is hilarious, but he kind of makes a good point here – The Superficial
  • *baby jesus take me away, I’m in tears*  Did Sheen really make this up though – The Blemish
  • See no matter how much you fight it you can’t help but love Ke$ha – Dlisted
  • Oh snap Kelsey gets married today! Hope Camille doesn’t jump off a cliff somewhere *sigh* – TMZ
  • OH DEZAMN…Poor Musiq I hope he didn’t break any bones….can’t these people tell where the stage ENDS! – The YBF
  • Poor Yung Berg he needs to just go into a corner and cry and think about what went wrong in his life – Crunk & Disorderly
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I Need These Shoes In My Life…And Other News

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

  • DEZAMN ….Why TMZ trying to bring up old sh*t …. *in my Smokey from Friday voice* – TMZ
  • Aretha throws a little shade toward Fanny… I’m sure they will kiss and make up!!! – Bossip
  • Just when you think sh*t is sweet with Charlie…POW…he gets you again – The Superficial
  • CTFU at George Clooney trying to outshine Charlie Sheen….CAN’T HAPPEN – The Blemish
  • Let’s be REAL Ray-J is TELLING THE TRUTH – Socialite Life
  • If The Bodyguard is being remade please note I will throw myself off a bridge…NOT JUMP but THROW – Dlisted
  • Someone needs to STAB this child’s parents…then send them to jail – The YBF
  • Baby Jesus…TAKE ME AWAY!!! – Crunk & Disorderly
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Some Friday Motivation & Other News…

February 4, 2011 Leave a comment

source: TheChive


  • Is Diddy adopting any children and if so where do I apply? – Dlisted
  • This guy is a super dork but he makes some super cool beats… LMFAO.. yeah I know that was lame *sue me* – The Chive
  • Where can I get one of these vibrating bras *dead serious blank stare* – The Gloss
  • So Uncle Luke AKA The ORIGINAL piss on a b*tch man is running for Mayor of Miami (for some reason I’m not even mad) – Hip Hop Wired
  • Black people we MUST do better – Bossip
  • Confused about a question and need some advice….Just Ask A Thug (my new favorite blog by the way) – Ask A Thug
  • DEZAMN I done told Silver Fox to get outta Egypt now look – Bossip
  • Well it looks like Camille got replaced pretty fast by Kelsey and Bravo – TMZ
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I Can Feel Stewie’s Pain….*sigh* & Other News!

February 3, 2011 4 comments

This picture really portrays how I feel right now!!!  Anywho, below are some links from my favorite blogs that I visited today:

  • Meet the Real Housewhores Housewives Of Miami – This should be fun just hope they not broke and faking jacks like the Housewhores Housewives of Atlanta – People
  • So if the Steelers lose the Superbowl then we know why – TMZ
  • GET OUT…is Beavis & Butt-Head really making a comeback…I guess anything is better than “Skins” – Pink Is The New Blog
  • Something BIG is happening next week on 90210….I CAN’T WAIT – Perez Hilton
  • DEZAMN Scarface not you too….DAMN GINA *in my Martin voice* – Hip Hop Wired
  • Really Diddy *side-eye* I have NO COMMENT except “I done told y’all” – Necole Bitchie
  • I done told Silver Fox get his azz out of Egypt SMFH – Dlisted
  • In case your bored and want an inside look at the wedding that went down on the Housewives of Atlanta *side-eye* – Crunk & Disorderly
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Shout Out To FloJo & Some Othe News!!!

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

You know this lady right here is the main reason I wanted to be a track star…however once I got on the track I realized how much I HATED it! LMFAO

Below are some links from my favorite sites that I visited today:

  • CTFU at this crackhead working the HELL out of this pole – Bossip
  • Heroes of black women’s fashion – Shout out to Aaliyah for holding it down for all the flat chested girls – Madame Noire
  • Bun B teaches at Rice University – MTV Documentary – Hip Hop Wired
  • DEZAMN did Juelz Santana really get locked – Sandra Rose
  • Throwback Will Smith interview from 1996 – Necole Bitchie
  • SMFH…Halle and Gabriel need to stop it 5 and get they sh*t together – The Superficial
  • Oh DEZAMN does Brad and Angelina twins really have down syndrome – Dlisted
  • SMFH so Lindsay Lohan is a thief now…I guess that’s what drug addicts do – The Blemish
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap – This sh*t is TOO HILARIOUS – B Side Blog
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