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New Underwear That Keeps Your Va-Jay-Jay Cool!!!! *side-eye*

Ok so I’m not a big fan of underwear so I’m not sure I’ll be able to test this out for you…Second, why do you need your va-jay-jay to be cool?  Are these underwear for women with like STD’s or Yeast Infections.   Lets be for real if you want to keep your va-jay-jay cooler just do like me and wear nothing or better yet some crotchless panties…there is nothing like the fresh breeze!!  I don’t know man I just feel like there is something suspect about these underwear!

“Lady parts can sometimes be way complicated. I mean, doesn’t your vagina sometimes overheat? It’s not like your body naturally regulates its temperature or anything. But thankfully, Jockey has created cooling underwear, which soothes your burning firecrotch with state-of-the-art technology from NASA!. Says the company, “The Outlast® temperature regulating technology behind Jockey® staycool underwear helps your skin feel up to 3° cooler.” And we’re sure it really works. After all, it was initially developed by NASA scientists to “help balance temperature fluctuations in space.” Space! (Your vagina is just like space.)”  source

CTFU at them saying burning firecrotch *baby jesus take me away*…see I told y’all these panties are for women whose va-jay-jay is not working correctly! SMFH!  Instead of buying these damn panties just go to the damn doctor!

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