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Why I Look Up To Coco & Other News!!

I can’t front when I get married I’ll be wearing crap like this to clean my house as well!!!

Anywho, Happy Bday Coco!!! Didn’t I tell you guys Pisces don’t know how to act!!!

  • Yay for Michael Douglas… I’m glad he is recovering well – Radar Online
  • SMFH Damn near 10 years since 9/11 and Muslims are still catching hell on airplanes – Bossip
  • Word… L.A Reid gives Def Jam the 2 fingers *Deuces* – The YBF
  • R.I.P To Alfred Pennyworth aka Michael Gough – Dlisted
  • Bras – more than just for holding down your boobies – The Smoking Jacket
  • Shower with a Stripper pole?  Sounds sexy yet dangerous…one slip and its over – The Gloss
  • They better leave my nicca Mel Gibson aka Mad Max alone – TMZ
  • I need to know whats really going down with Usher and his ex-wife (i’m just too lazy to read for myself) – Sandra Rose
  • Word Rihanna – you know you telling the truth to *side eye* – Necole Bitchie
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