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31 People Charged With Selling Drugs Out Of An Ice Cream Truck In Staten Island…

*hard blank stare* now I thought only Big Worm from the movie Friday did sh*t like this!  I can’t front I had to bust a hard azz laugh when I read this story!  I tell you people are coming up with all types of ways to get that money in this recession!  Can you imagine going up to an Ice Cream truck and asking for a firecracker icy and a quarter of that sweet cheba!  WAIT!  So how were they making money in the winter time LMFAO!  Damn shame but that’s probably how they got caught… people probably saw a line at the ice cream truck in the dead of winter and went over to see what was going on!!!

“A $1 million-a-year pill-pushing ring used a Lickety Split ice cream truck to dish out drugs on Staten Island, prosecutors said Thursday.  Thirty-one people were charged with helping to distribute 42,755 tablets of oxycodone pain tablets, the generic form of the opiate Oxycontin.

The ring bought the pills with the help of a crooked medical office manager for a Manhattan orthopedic surgeon, special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan said.  Nancy Wilkins, 40, of Brooklyn, is accused of providing the ring with blank prescription forms, which were then forged.

A network of runners — some addicts — filled the prescriptions in exchange for cash or drugs at nearly two dozen pharmacies, mostly mom-and-pop shops in Staten Island, authorities said.

The meds were sold to adults several ways – but most often for $20 a pill from an ice cream truck, prosecutors said.  The not-so-sweet scheme was the brainchild of Louis Scala, 29, of Staten Island, and Joseph Zaffuto, 39, authorities said.”  source

LMFAO!  The damn name Lickety Spit is shady no wonder why they got caught!!!

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